What is Lewes famous for?

Lewes, East Sussex, The South Downs, england

Discover Historical Lewes

Nestled in the heart of East Sussex, Lewes stands proudly as the county town with a rich tapestry of history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. This charming market town is not only the administrative hub but is also steeped in history with landmarks like Lewes Castle and the remains of Lewes Priory beckoning visitors from afar. Celebrated for the significant and audacious Battle of Lewes in 1264, this town played a pivotal role in the development of the English democracy and is also known for the remarkable Lewes Bonfire celebrations, recognized as the grandest in the country.

To truly appreciate all that Lewes has to offer requires not just a fleeting visit, but time to immerse in the town’s exceptional narrative—and what better way to do that than with a comfortable and inspiring stay at The Loft or The Grain Store, Ashore's thoughtfully furnished retreats nestled on the outskirts of this historic enclave?

Engage with Lewes's Thriving Culture

The cultural heart of Lewes beats robustly through its galleries, museums, and festivals. The local Barbican House Museum exhibits traces of Lewes's archaeological past, while the legacy of Tudor craftsmanship is elegantly displayed in Anne of Cleves House. The town is also a cradle for the contemporary arts with a plethora of art galleries and venues like the Lewes Little Theatre contributing to a vibrant artistic community. For the literature enthusiasts, the town’s literary lineage is significant, with connections to notable figures such as Thomas Paine and Virginia Woolf.

Visitors staying at The Loft or The Grain Store will find inspiration around every corner. Whether it's attending the annual Lewes Light festival, taking part in the curated events of the Lewes Literary Society, or simply wandering the historic streets, guests are mere moments away from enriching activities that stimulate creativity and appreciation for the arts.

Experience Outdoor Adventures

The location of Lewes, at the passage of the South Downs, offers easy access to the splendid outdoors. The South Downs National Park presents countless opportunities for walking, cycling, and appreciating the natural beauty of the Sussex countryside. Dramatic views can be enjoyed along the iconic Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, with ample trails and guided activities for all levels of adventurers. The town itself, with a landscape marked by historical paths and ancient "twittens," encourages exploration on foot, offering a different perspective on its centuries-old architecture and quaint charm.

From The Loft and The Grain Store, guests can delve into local explorations or venture further afield to embrace the picturesque allure of East Sussex.

Stay with Ashore in Lewes

The Loft offers the quintessential escape for those seeking to balance intensive work sessions with the tranquility of the countryside. Prominent features like a mezzanine king-size bed, private garden, and well-equipped kitchenette cater to the needs of the contemporary knowledge worker while infusing stays with understated luxury.

Should you require more space or wish to collaborate with a team in a picturesque setting, The Grain Store houses three bedrooms and dedicated workspaces, complemented by underfloor heating and a bottle of local sparkling wine to toast to productive endeavors.

Both properties provide a unique opportunity to experience Lewes from a fresh perspective, bridging the gap between work and leisure in an atmosphere that encourages both productivity and relaxation. For more details or booking information, please visit Ashore's official pages for The Loft and The Grain Store.

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