The wellbeing benefit for ambitious teams.

Reward employees & get stuff done with remote work stays.

Empower your employees to 
do their best work.

You’ve already done the hard part; you’ve hired great people. Now it’s time to get the best out of them.

Busy open-plan offices and hectic home lives make it hard for your best employees to focus.

An Ashore stay offers a world-class workplace in peaceful locations to help them do their best work and feel motivated again when they’re back in the office.

Needle-moving numbers

Motivation as a service:

58%A disrupted routine boosts creativity by 58% in the three weeks following the disruption.
3/4Three quarters of employees are often, or very often, distracted 
at work.
x4People who work somewhere new at least once a month are four times as likely to be happy and productive.


Happy team members do the talking:

Make your employer branding irresistable.

Your future talent wants more from your remote working policy and company perks. Stand out from the crowd with an employee benefit they (actually) love.

More than a third of remote workers are interested in blending work and travel within the next year.

With Ashore, employees stay connected with guaranteed Wi-Fi while recharging in a new location. So you can attract talented teams (and keep them, too).

Invest in benefits that actually make a difference.

Too often, you’re paying for employee benefits that don’t show the returns you want.

Sending an employee to a conference can cost up to £2,000 and have little effect on productivity. Meanwhile, they’re not making the most of those expensive gym memberships or co-working contracts.

Ashore is the quarterly reward your team actually wants, with the lasting effects of a wellbeing subscription.

Want to unleash your team's productivity?

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