The Ashore Crew

Hi there! We’re Aled, Jon and Steph - the co-founders of Ashore.

We want you to travel while you work, we know it makes you more focused, creative, and productive.

To make that happen we're working every day to make Ashore's service stress and friction free, and finding you stunning homes and locations around the UK.

We've assembled the best workspace, with the best tech, and we're sticklers for bullet-proof WI-FI.

Why we do it
Card ImageAled Maclean-JonesWorking parent on the roadAfter many failed attempts at working whilst travelling, Aled decided that not only should he be able to have his cake and eat it, but everyone else should too. The birth of baby number one spurred an exit from government, a landing page - and the rest is history.
Card ImageStephanie EwingLong-hauler turned ExplorerIn her previous life in enterprise sales, going somewhere new often meant working in a cramped short term rental with intermittent wifi. A visit to Hay-on-Wye showed her a better way of getting away to get things done.
Card ImageJon SherrardErstwhile Digital Nomad In a bustling Mexico City café, a glitchy-call on a small chair made Jon rethink our approaches to remote work. His first emails to Aled were sent from an over-priced co-working office in Manhattan with a 70 minute commute.

Our Homes & Workspaces

We only list the very best homes, in the UK’s best locations, and each comes with at least one best-in-class workspace, verified internet, and all the amenities needed to do great work.

The Ashore Experience

Escape day-to-day disruptions in beautiful homes around the UK. Re-connect with your motivation working from an incredible workspace. Use your free time to explore a new place, find new perspectives, and get inspired.


All things Ashore.

Our latests deals, updates, & remote work insights.

The Ashore newsletter is hand-written by co-founder Aled. It's full of the latest Ashore news, some of the most interesting reading recommendations you'll find on the web, and of course updates on new Ashore locations, deals, partnerships, & product updates. Once a week or less.

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