Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you have any other question, drop us a message using the chat button in the bottom right corner and we'll come back as quickly as we possible.

Are Ashores pet-friendly?

Yes - the majority of our locations are (very) pet friendly: it'll normally say somewhere in the listing, but let us know via the chat button if you're uncertain. There is usually a small fee to cover additional cleaning post-stay, in case any other guests suffer from allergies.

Are Ashore stays a business expense?

If your Ashore stay is for a work-related reason, then yes: it's potentially deductible as a business expense.

If helpful in deciding if your stay is for a work-related reason, read this excellent blog by one of our co-founders: link here.

Do Windows devices work with the setup?

Yes they do - every Ashore location comes with the necessary adapters to ensure that, if your work provides you with a Windows device, and it has either a USB-C or HDMI connection, they're able to work with our signature workspace.

Do you have any Ashores outside the UK?

At the moment, we have around 30 locations (and growing!) across England, Wales and Scotland.

Can I go to an Ashore if I don't have a car?

Yes! We try to include recommendations about the best ways to get to each location in the 'Need to Know' section in each listing, along with relevant parking information if you do choose to drive to your Ashore.

Can I bring my child?

Almost all of our locations are kid-friendly unless there is something about the property which makes it unsuitable for children, and quite a few will offer high chairs, cots, etc; please double-check with us when you book.

Can I rent a car?

We partner with Virtuo to provide discounts to Ashore members who are renting a car. Mention it when you book via email or on the chat on our website, and we can help!

Do you offer free cancellation?

Please read our terms and conditions before you book - you can find them here.

Ashore offers a 48-hour right of cancellation for bookings with arrival more than 72 hours into the future. Otherwise, guests can cancel their booking up to 21 days before check-in and receive a full refund.

If a booking is cancelled within 21 days of check-in, Ashore undertakes to make its best endeavours to rebook the dates, and if said dates are rebooked, a refund will be given.

Depending on the availability of the home, you may be able to change the dates of your booking if the lessor agrees.

If you wish to extend, shorten or otherwise change your booking, please contact Ashore via

What do I need to bring with me for the workspace?

We try to ensure that you have all you need for a standard work day as part of the workspace (e.g. mouse, keyboard, USB-C connection to an external screen), so that you only need to pack your laptop. If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to mention it when you book.

What time can I check in and check out?

By default, guests can check in and check out of Ashore homes at the following times:

Check-in from: 4:00 pm on the day of arrival

Check-out by: 10:00 am on the day of departure

After requesting dates with Ashore regarding a potential rental, requests can be made for alterations to these check-in and check-out times.

If the relevant home is happy to deviate from these times, you will be informed of this in writing prior to making your booking.

If this is the case, then the timings set out above are superseded by that agreement.

How do I pay?

We use Stripe to process payments for your stay. When you request your dates either via our VAIA application or on the booking page, we charge the full amount for the stay, and confirm the dates of your stay and any special requests (e.g. pets) with the host. Once they have confirmed they are happy to accept your booking, we process the payment to the host and confirm the stay.

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