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Post title image: The CEO Residency Programme

The CEO Residency Programme

Time to think. On us.

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Making big decisions and solving difficult problems - two things essential to the good running of any great company.

But between the chaos of business as usual and the crescendo of big company get-togethers, it can be challenging to find space to focus on what truly matters.

That’s where we come in. 

Building on the success of our founder residency programme, we’re excited to announce a new Q2 programme: where we’ll be sending away five CEOs, or their leadership teams, to one of our 40+ Ashore homes.

We cover the cost in full of an individual stay (for up to four nights), or, alternatively, the residency can be put towards the cost of a larger leadership team stay.

If selected, you or your team just need to choose your dates, and a preferred location, and that’s it.

Whether it's strategic planning for the remainder of 2024, a Bill Gates-style think week, or simply looking for a best-in-class location for a quarterly catch-up with the leadership team, we’re excited to be able to help.

All we need is for you or a member of your team to fill in this form here: it should take about 30 seconds.

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis, and are limited to CEOs and GMs of companies with a headcount of over 25.

All ten residencies will be allocated by 6pm on Friday 31 May.

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