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Post title image: 5 Corporate Retreat Locations in the UK, Perfect for Small Teams

5 Corporate Retreat Locations in the UK, Perfect for Small Teams

Have or are part of a small team that deserves a nice perk? These corporate retreat locations are the perfect escape from day-to-day work.

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What comes to mind when you think of a corporate retreat?

Is it a large venue for the whole company to mix and mingle? A rigid itinerary with speakers and activities to fill every moment of the day? Dozens of superficial conversations with your colleagues in a semi-professional setting? Forced team building activities in meeting rooms?

You wouldn’t be wrong.

And the truth is, traditional corporate retreats aren’t an effective way to engage your employees or build camaraderie.

That’s not to say they can’t be worthwhile—they can be if we rethink the size, structure, and aim of corporate retreats.

Let’s take a new approach to corporate retreats. Below is a list of 5 locations across the UK you can use the next time you want to recharge and reward your people.

Why several small corporate retreats are the way forward

Remember the large venue scenario with dozens, if not hundreds, of employees trying to mingle, connect, and make the most of a corporate retreat?

Now imagine a cosy cabin with a handful of team members, sharing stories by the fireside, brainstorming, and genuinely bonding in a tranquil, restorative setting with amazing views.

This is what a corporate getaway should feel like.

And it works by you sending several groups away to different locations rather than one. You can even split them up across the year, where groups go at different times, easing the financial burden on the company.

This gives employees an environment where they create deeper connections with colleagues, that boost their engagement and company appreciation, and that renews the energy they need to do great work.

Here’s how:

They foster deeper connections over superficial chit-chat

In smaller settings, conversations naturally dive deeper. There's space for everyone to voice their thoughts, leading to genuine connections and a stronger team bond. And away from the cold, stale atmosphere of board meetings and cubicles, your people can begin to connect in ways they never have before.

You can send teams away or have put people from different departments together under one roof for quality time they otherwise wouldn’t have.

You can create tailored experiences

No more one-size-fits-all. With fewer people, activities can be customised to fit the team's unique dynamics.

Think personalised team-building exercises that everyone actually enjoys—whether that's a forest walk, surfing off the Cornwall coast, a pub quiz, or a local festival.

Some groups might want more of a wellness retreat with spa facilities nearby while others fancy a space to work together on a high-impact project.

They prioritise quality over quantity

Instead of trying to cater to everyone's needs in one massive event, why not offer multiple, intimate retreats?

This approach allows for more flexibility, ensuring every team member's preferences are considered whether they want a secluded area to work from without distraction or proximity to a town they can get drinks in as a group.

There’s room for reflection

Amidst the tranquility of Ashore's remote locations, there's ample opportunity for introspection. Teams can focus on collaborative projects in the workspaces provided at Ashore properties, or individuals can take a moment to recharge and reset.

Ashore facilitates a real break from the norm your employees will appreciate.

Teams can discover the UK's charm and embrace nature

The UK is a treasure trove of hidden gems. Small retreats offer the chance to explore diverse locations, from quaint villages to serene coastal towns.

Each retreat is set among the spoils of nature—and for good reason. Nature decreases cortisol, the main stress hormone, by 21.3% for every hour spent outdoors. So if you want your people to truly relax, send them to the English countryside, not a busy city abroad.

Bought in? Here are 5 corporate retreat locations across the UK that accommodate small teams.

5 Corporate retreat locations for small teams

With Ashore properties, you can send several groups of people to different locations across the UK. Once there your teams can bond, rest, and focus in a way they never have before. All Ashore properties are available for exclusive use in one of three ways: Ashore Reset, Focus, and Discover.

The packages are based on length of stay and every property comes with home comforts, best-in-class workstations, and reliable internet.

Companies can buy credits for these stays in bulk and receive a discount.

Want to learn more about Ashore as a wellbeing perk that restores productivity? Check out our page Ashore for teams.

Or keep scrolling to see the properties we recommend for your next company retreat:

1. Suffolk, UK: The Warren House (up to 8 people)

Article Image

Perfect for a brainstorming session or a walk along the sea, The Warren House is a clifftop property oozing serenity. It’s perfect for small teams seeking solitude.

There’s plenty of space to relax as well as work, with two separate workspaces, a furnished balcony, outdoor deck and spacious living room that overlooks the North Sea.

It’s just a 15-minute walk from Southwold (the home of Adnams Brewery).

Discover The Warren House

2. Devon, UK: The Orangery (up to 6 people)

Article Image

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of North Devon, Summers House offers a tranquil retreat for teams seeking inspiration and rejuvenation.

This gem in Braunton combines the charm of rustic surroundings with modern amenities, ensuring a seamless work and relaxation experience. With expansive views and serene nooks, it's the perfect backdrop for fostering creativity and team bonding.

Dive into focused work sessions or explore the local beauty; Summers House is your gateway to a memorable retreat.

Discover The Orangery

3. Gloucestershire (Cotswolds), UK: The Coal Merchant's Cottage (up to 6 people)

Article Image

Tucked away in the heart of the Cotswolds, the Coal Merchant's Cottage promises a retreat that blends rustic with modern comfort.

Whether it's brainstorming sessions by the fireplace or leisurely walks in the surrounding countryside, the Coal Merchant's Cottage is your ticket to a refreshing corporate getaway.

Discover The Coal Merchant's Cottage

4. Norfolk, UK: The Worker’s Cottage (up to 6 people)

Article Image

Nestled in Sandringham Estate (and once owned by Queen Elizabeth II), this cottage has everything you need for a relaxing retreat away—from underfloor heating and high-speed internet to rainfall showers.

It’s a 2-minute walk from local restaurants and shops, and there are plenty of activities in the surrounding area. The Norfolk coastline can be reached in a 15 minute drive, there are tea rooms on the estate itself, and art exhibitions on at the nearby Houghton Hall.

Discover The Worker’s Cottage

5. East Sussex: The Grainstore (up to 6 people)

Article Image

The Grainstore is perfect for collaborative retreats. Located on the outskirts of Lewes, a town brimming with specialist shops and cafés, your team will have plenty to occupy them on their retreat.

They can even step back in time and visit the 1000-year-old Lewes Castle at the top of the town or stroll through the ruins of an old Abbey.

Further afield is Brighton, a seaside city full of charm and activity. And for those with a penchant for the outdoors, the South Downs beckons. From cycling and country walks to the awe-inspiring chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters, there's no shortage of adventures.

Discover The Grain Store

Bonus: Locations perfect for remote working

Maybe you still want a large corporate retreat for your entire team. Or maybe your team sizes are too large to send to small off sites with Ashore.

But you love the idea of sending employees and remote teams to tranquill, remote work stays where they can be productive, foster creativity, and reset.

The good news is you can use Ashore properties as places for solo working retreats or small group offsites. You can even use them as an employee benefit and perk (wellbeing retreat, anyone?).

Here are a few locations our clients love and which are perfect for solo remote work stays:

Frequently asked questions about corporate retreats

What is the point of a corporate retreat?

Corporate retreats are more than just a change of scenery from the usual office or work from home environment. They serve as a unique opportunity for teams to bond, rejuvenate, and refocus on their goals. The benefits are manifold:

What makes a retreat successful?

All successful company retreats need:

What should I look for when booking a retreat location?

When booking a retreat location, consider the following:

Can Ashore properties host a corporate event?

While Ashore specialises in providing serene locations for small retreats, it does not cater to large-scale corporate events.

Ashore offers intimate settings where teams can genuinely connect, focus, and discover. It's for those who seek a blend of work and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle, in the heart of nature's beauty.

What team-building activities should I have at a corporate retreat?

While Ashore steers clear of the typical "organised fun" team-building activities, there's plenty to explore and enjoy at our properties.

Dive into the local culture by visiting village restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Let nature be your playground as teams embark on hikes, nature walks, or simply relax around a fire pit roasting marshmallows.

The idea is to let organic interactions and shared experiences foster team bonding.

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