What is Carbost famous for?

Carbost, Inverness-shire, The Isle of Skye, scotland

Exploring the Mystical Landscape of Inverness-shire

Inverness-shire, a tapestry of rugged coastlines, mystical lochs, and picturesque highlands, offers an escape into the wildest and most inspiring landscapes of Scotland. Today, we're venturing into this historic county, replete with myth and majesty, guiding you through the essence of this Gaelic heartland.

Discover Inverness-shire's Natural Wonders

The sheer geographic diversity makes Inverness-shire the ultimate destination for the tranquil heart and adventurous soul. From the tranquil waters of Loch Ness, shrouded in legend and mystery, to the commanding heights of Ben Nevis, Inverness-shire is a playground for the imagination and the senses. This stretch of natural Highland beauty includes sites perfect for reflective solitude or thrilling exploration. The Great Glen, a dramatic geological fault home to several famous lochs, is a testament to the raw power of the earth's movements and a must-visit for any nature enthusiast.

Cultural Riches Amidst the Isles

Inverness-shire is steeped in vibrant Gaelic culture and history. The Inner Hebrides within the county, including the dream-like Isle of Skye, are beacons of Scottish tradition. Here, amid the moody seascapes and mountain silhouettes, the stories of clans and the spirit of the landscape blend seamlessly. The region also boasts treasures like The Talisker Distillery and the opportunity to witness the celestial dance of The Northern Lights, making the isles an idyllic backdrop for discovery and inspiration.

Journey to Carbost on the Isle of Skye

The village of Carbost on Skye exemplifies the heart of Inverness-shire's offerings — remote, picturesque, and brimming with opportunities to delve into Scotland's rich natural and cultural panorama. Whether you wish to meander along the rugged shores, taste the peaty flavors at the local distillery, or search the night skies for Aurora Borealis, Carbost is where stories begin and time. seems to stand still.

Stay with Ashore in Carbost

Nestled in this community where the mountains whisper ancient tales, Ashore offers properties that honor the land and sea's whispering tales.

The Lochside:

  • Escape to a truly rural location in a contemporary bolthole perfect for you or with a significant other.
  • Soak up the tranquil beauty of the Isle of Skye with nature on your doorstep.
  • Enjoy modern comforts like a king-size bed, pet-friendly accommodations, and a cozy wood-burning stove.
  • Immerse in eco-friendly living in a space with minimized energy consumption.
  • Walk to the beach, sea cliffs, and birch woods directly from your door.

Find your retreat here.

The Hen House:

  • Stay in an award-winning modern house with panoramic views of the Skye coastline.
  • Offers high-speed internet for a productive retreat in a remote setting.
  • Designed for hikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Features two bedrooms with exemplary comfort and connectivity.
  • A stone's throw from Loch Harport for those who yearn for the sea's embrace.

Explore The Hen House here.

The journey to Carbost, whilst remote, is filled with splendid landscapes that make the travel part of the enriching experience. Whether you drive from Inverness for the scenic 2hr30 route or take a train to Kyle of Lochalsh, Ashore provides sanctuaries in Carbost that cater to your yearning for quietude, comfort, and ecological harmony amidst the Highlands' vast rugged allure.

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