What is Margate famous for?

Margate, Kent, The Viking Coast, england

A Coastal Muse: The Charms of Margate

Margate, a sparkling jewel on the Kentish coast, has long captivated the hearts of those who tread its sandy shores. Its rich maritime history and reputation as a haven for artists and holidaymakers alike mark it as a special corner of England. From the Dreamland amusement park to the pioneering Turner Contemporary gallery, Margate blends cultural sophistication with seaside fun.

Historical Tides and Artistic Waves

Echoes of the past resonate through the streets of Margate. Originally dubbed 'Meregate' and later 'Margate' in historical texts, this coastal town has evolved from a maritime hub into a beacon of seaside retreat. It was hailed as a health haven in the 18th century, with the establishment of the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital, reflecting the town's ongoing link with wellness and rejuvenation—a concept we at Ashore deeply resonate with.

The town's transformation into an artist's sanctuary is perhaps best epitomized by the esteemed J.M.W. Turner, who found inspiration in Margate's unique skies. His legacy lives on at the Turner Contemporary, a modern art haven standing proudly by the harbor. This dedication to the arts has extended to the corridors of creativity, from the Theatre Royal to smaller, yet fiercely loved venues like the Tom Thumb Theatre.

Seaside Innovations and Sunlit Shores

Margate's timeless appeal is bolstered by its innovative attractions and natural allure. The restoration of Dreamland provides a nod to the nostalgia of British summers past while embracing the future of entertainment. Margate's sandy expanses, particularly Margate Sands, offer a classic beach experience, rejuvenated by the tides that coincide with the very essence of life in this coastal enclave.

Climate-wise, Margate enjoys a bounty of sunshine, adding to its moniker of "Sunny Margate" and making it an ideal spot for both visitors and those seeking a remote working sanctuary. The fresh, oceanic air is not only beneficial for leisurely pursuits but also enriches the days of knowledge workers seeking tranquility and inspiration away from the city bustle.

Regeneration: The Creative Pulse

Margate takes pride in its vibrancy and has become a crucible for regeneration efforts that marry historic charm with forward-thinking dynamism. The artistic heartbeat of the town is palpable in its cobbled Old Town, with unique, independent shops hinting at a community passionate about their crafts and culture. Supported by initiatives like the Portas Pilot Scheme, Margate is not just preserving its heritage, but also stitching a new story for its bright future.

Stay with Ashore in Margate

At Ashore, we understand that environments shape experiences. That's why our Margate properties are designed to provide the perfect balance between work and leisure, allowing you to immerse yourself in all the town has to offer while maintaining the capacity for focus and creativity.

The Lido

Book your stay at our remarkable property opposite Margate’s iconic Lido. With a serene sea view, a full-spec kitchen, and an enchanting private courtyard, this is the quintessential space for individual contributors or couples seeking inspiration by the sea. Our Ashore Focus and Ashore Reset stays are perfectly complemented by the apartment’s deluxe amenities, including a wet room with a waterfall shower and king-sized bed.

Pet-friendly and just a stone's throw from the buzzing Margate Sands, this enclave offers direct train connectivity from central London, ensuring a seamless transition to your coastal office. Delight in nearby attractions such as the expansive Turner Contemporary and indulge in the culinary scene with local favorites like The Dalby Cafe.

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The Walpole

For those desiring more space, The Walpole in Cliftonville is a beautifully designed seafront apartment, a 10-minute walk from the treasures of Margate's Old Town. With 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 workspaces, it's ideal for a working couple or families. It features an oversized yellow armchair and a corner sofa that beckon relaxation after a productive day.

Choosing an Ashore stay means embracing a lifestyle where the distant sound of seagulls and the scent of saltwater are as integral to your workday as your morning coffee. So whether you're here to brainstorm your next big project or to find solace away from urban chaos, Margate—through the lens of Ashore—is waiting to foster your next big idea.

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