What is Frome famous for?

Frome, Somerset, The South West, england

Discover Frome: A Hidden Gem of Creativity and Culture

Frome, pronounced 'froom', is a charming town situated in eastern Somerset, England, renowned for its independent shops and thriving arts scene. Nestled among the eastern end of the Mendip Hills and centered on the River Frome, it offers a blend of historical allure and contemporary flair.

Frome harbors a history that dates back to before the Industrial Revolution, with its once dominant wool and cloth industry shaping the town’s character. Today, it is admired for its cultural vibe, widespread independent enterprises, and a strong sense of community. In 2014, The Times named Frome the "sixth coolest town" in Britain, a status echoed by its frequent listings as one of the best places to live in the UK.

The town offers diverse leisure activities, from the monthly Frome Independent market to the Frome Festival, fostering the cultural fabric that cloaks the town. Individuals seeking creative or peaceful retreats find solace in its cobbled streets, bustling marketplaces, and nearby serene landscapes. Frome's connectivity by road and rail acts as a conduit for economic activities and supports its welcoming cosmopolitan atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

A Rich Tapestry of History

Frome's history is vividly painted with periods of significant growth and transformation. The presence of Neolithic barrows and Iron Age hill forts in its vicinity speak of ancient settlements, while Roman artifacts – such as the Frome Hoard – hint at its historical importance. The town's very name, Frome, derives from the Proto-Brythonic word frāmā meaning 'fair' or 'brisk', likely in reference to the river's flow.

In medieval times, Frome experienced a period as a mark of prosperity, particularly in the wool and cloth industry. Notable is the rise and subsequent adaptation of its textile industry over centuries, branching into metal-working and later printing, although these too have declined in modern times. A walk through Frome reveals a storied architecture of listed buildings and conservation areas that narrate its past.

A Town of Creative Spaces

The cultural essence of Frome can be felt through its abundant arts and cultural events. The Cheese and Grain, a landmark venue housed in a former market hall, hosts concerts and community events, while the annual Frome Festival draws artists and audiences from afar. The town also boasts the acclaimed Frome Writers Collective and a captivating café culture, culminating in a culinary scene well-suited for food enthusiasts.

The town's commitment to sustainable living is noticeable with initiatives like the country's first high street 'library of things' and a community fridge, underlining Frome’s forward-thinking community ethos.

Stay with Ashore in Frome

Escape to the charming Weaver's Cottage, an 18th-century retreat tucked away on a hidden street in the old town of Frome. Located steps from the boutique and café-lined Catherine Hill, it's the perfect base for adventurers and tranquility seekers alike. The cottage, pet-friendly and equipped with a hammock in the garden for leisurely afternoons, offers two double bedrooms and flexible setups, including a sofa bed.

Why not flavor your stay with Frome's eclectic dining scene? Delight in the gastronomic pleasures at The High Pavement, Nook, or The River House. For a dash of grandeur, the Longleat Estate presents lush landscapes and architectural marvels a short distance away. Fitness and rock-climbing enthusiasts will rejoice at the local bouldering center and yoga studio, while nightlife chasers can uncover hidden gems like the 1920s themed speakeasy, Hydeaway.

Revel in the cultural heartbeat of the South-West with Frome's art galleries, musical heritage, and acclaimed independent record stores. Each sight and sound of Frome is an invitation to discover and cherish.

Embark on your journey to Frome and experience a delightful and refreshing stay at the Weaver's Cottage with Ashore. Your serene sanctuary in the midst of a foodie paradise and vibrant cultural capital awaits.

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