What is Stoke Fleming famous for?

Stoke Fleming, Devon, The South Hams, england

Discover Stoke Fleming: A Village Steeped in History

Stoke Fleming remains a quaint gem in Devon, with its landscapes ripe for both inspiration and repose. History buffs rejoice, as the village is steeped in ancient roots, dating back to being recorded in the Domesday Book. The intertwining of historical narratives with the present creates a unique tapestry, where one can find themselves traversing through time. It's notably marked with the church of Saint Peter, reflecting centuries of ecclesiastic architecture and restoration efforts since 1272.

Rustic Charm and Modern Pursuits

Today’s Stoke Fleming is a quiet sanctuary exuding rural charm. The Green Dragon pub offers an inviting venue for a pint, testament to traditional village life. Meanwhile, those seeking intellectual or recreational activities won't feel amiss with a primary school, library, and a football club. Situated within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it presents itself as an invigorating space for knowledge workers seeking solitude amid nature's grandeur.

Natural Delights and Cultural Treasures

The village's location at the north end of Start Bay, within walking distance to the sea, is ideal for those who yearn for the soothing sounds of the ocean. The gravestone of George Parker Bidder, the "Calculating Boy," symbolizes a bridge between Stoke Fleming’s illustrious past and its tranquil present. Additionally, the area's strong connection to Saint Earmund of Stoke Fleming—the once venerated local patron saint—reminds visitors of the village’s enduring spiritual heritage.

Stay with Ashore in Stoke Fleming

We’re nestled in the heart of this picturesque setting with the Studio, a cottage that epitomizes the convergence of rustic beauty and contemporary productivity. Offering two bedrooms with meticulously curated office setups and boasting breathtaking sea views, this choice strikes a fine balance between relaxed seclusion and diligent work ethic. As part of your experience, exceptionally fast broadband is a given.

Guests who fancy a stroll to the sea will find themselves just a 15-minute walk from Blackpool Sands, a serene stretch apt for contemplation or a brisk seaside walk. Our location intertwined within the village ensures that every stay is imbued with the essence of South Devon charm.

  • Ridiculously fast broadband – ideal for uninterrupted work and connectivity.
  • Two workspace set-ups – cater to focused individual projects or collaborative endeavors.
  • Pet-friendly accommodation – for those who travel with four-legged companions.
  • Surrounded by National Trust sites including the literary shrine of Agatha Christie’s Greenway and the verdant Coleton Fishacre.

Our stays here are crafted for those who appreciate the superb equilibrium of diligent work and peaceful retreat in extraordinary locations. Discover more about this property and envision your next productive sojourn at Ashore in Stoke Fleming.

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