What is Buntingford famous for?

Buntingford, Hertfordshire, The Home Counties, england

Discover Buntingford: A Haven of History and Charm

Buntingford, a small market town holding its charm from a bygone era, sits nestled along the River Rib. Rich in history, this East Hertfordshire gem was once a bustling staging post on the ancient Roman road, Ermine Street. The town's intriguing past includes an 18th-century one-cell prison, "The Cage", aptly located at the ford's end of Church Street. With its Georgian and medieval architecture and status as a market town granted by Henry III, Buntingford offers both a picturesque setting and a vibrant legacy.

A Stroll Through Time

The town's name, snatched from the old Saxon heritage, refers to the ford owned by a chieftain named Bunta. The area's existence was formally acknowledged in a Knights Templar land document dated 1185, a testament to its longstanding historical significance. Wander among the brickwork and timbers of its antique buildings, discovering the Bell House Gallery, where Queen Elizabeth I once stayed, or imagine the echo of hooves at the Angel Inn, the erstwhile coaching inn now a dental practice.

Cultivating Culture

Buntingford thrives with its unique community-driven market and events such as the vibrant Buntingford Carnival and a classic car event. Engage in the quirky World Sausage Tossing Championship, a local highlight, or enjoy a leisurely pub crawl through establishments rich in character like The Brambles and The Fox and Duck. This town, which once harbored market day bustle and early closing customs, retains its small-town warmth alongside a lively cultural heartbeat.

Education and Progress in Buntingford

Buntingford's educational landscape boasts a distinctive three-tier system, featuring the promising Buntingford First School, expected to be Hertfordshire's first net-zero school. Nestled amidst this innovation is the historic Freman College, an institution proudly carrying forward the legacies of Bishop Seth Ward and Elizabeth Freman. Marked by endurance, the town's educational tradition casts a long shadow of academic excellence from past to present.

Stay with Ashore in Buntingford

Discover The Dovecote, an exquisite one-bed bolthole on a sprawling 1,200-acre country estate. Perfectly placed within an hour's drive from London, this Ashore property delivers solitude without isolation. Arrive to modern amenities including superfast internet and an Apple Studio Display, partnered with the authentic warmth of underfloor heating and a wood-burning stove. Ideal for individuals or couples, The Dovecote operates year-round, so whether you're burrowing in for winter or seeking summer serenity, the private garden and rural vistas invite the peace required to refresh the mind and catalyze creativity.

Nestled in rural Hertfordshire, yet effortlessly connected, step from your doorstep into endless countryside walks and impromptu adventures. For arts and history buffs, the nearby Henry Moore Foundation is a short jaunt away. Or delve into the depths of the Royston Cave, a quirky locale for curious minds.

Whether in Buntingford to savor the historic milieu or focus on your next grand project, The Dovecote provides an unmatched retreat. Your workcation awaits with every detail curated for comfort, freedom, and inspiration.

Link to this property on our site: The Dovecote at Ashore.

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