The Ashore gift card lying on a bed
The gift of time, peace, & focus.

How It Works

1. Choose a value for the Gift Card and pay.2. We'll send a beautiful gold-foiled Gift Card by tracked delivery to your door.3. Hand it to the receipient in the most extravagent ceremony you can muster (or pop it in an envelope with a card), they can apply their gifted code when they book their stay.

Choose a gift card value.

Kickstart someone's creative endeavor with a £50 Ashore Credit. It's the perfect nudge to help them focus on finishing that blog post or outlining a business plan in a setting that inspires productivity.
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Gift a significant boost towards project completion with a £100 Ashore Credit. Ideal for those looking to make substantial progress on their work, from podcasts to YouTube channels.
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1 credit, value £395
Give them a nudge or help them extend an existing stay, give a strong project start with a 1 Credit Ashore Gift Card. It's the ideal support for brainstorming sessions or drafting chapters in a calm and conducive environment.
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2 credits, value £790
Encourage 4 days of deep work with a 2 Credits Ashore Gift Card. Perfect for advancing through project milestones or refining creative works in peaceful solitude.
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3 credits, value £1185
Three days of focused effort can transform a project. A 3 Credits Ashore Gift Card is the ultimate push towards wrapping up or launching a creative pursuit amidst inspiring scenery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the last delivery dates for Christmas?

For UK orders, the last date for Christmas delivery is 18th December. For London, we can hand-deliver up until the 24th. For international orders, the last date for Christmas delivery is 14th December. We will continue to post gift cards after these dates, but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Do the gift cards expire?

Our gift cards are crafted to spark creativity and productivity without imposing strict timelines. They're valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase, giving you or your giftee ample time to schedule that much-needed change of scenery. Think of it as a year-long window of opportunity to find the perfect moment for a purposeful escape.

Can I send a gift card to someone in another country?

Absolutely. In an increasingly connected world, distance shouldn't hinder the spirit of giving. While our retreats are nestled in the UK's most inspiring locales, you can send a gift card to someone abroad, inviting them to experience work and creativity in a new light. Just ensure they'll be able to use it for our UK-based retreats – the perfect excuse for a trip, we say.

Are the gift cards refundable?

We understand that sometimes, even the best-laid plans need to change. If you have second thoughts about your gift card purchase, reach out to us within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll arrange a refund provided the card hasn’t been used or redeemed. We want our customers to feel confident and content with their decision to choose us for their moments of focus and creativity.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions serve as a guide to ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible. They cover everything from usage, redemption, expiry, refund policies, and other important information about your purchase. For a full overview, please visit our Terms and Conditions page on our website. We encourage you to read these carefully to understand the full benefits and flexibility our gift cards offer.

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