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If you need space for you or your small team to step away from the everyday, and do your most important work - here's where to do it. The UK‘s most inspiring locations await. View The Map

Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.Decorative image showing indoors of houses.

Workspaces you'll want to take home.

We outfit every one of our homes with at least two best-in-class setups including our signature Pegg desk, Herman Miller Aerons, and Apple's 5K Studio Displays. For teams, expect HD screens with Apple TV and a Poly R30 video bar, plus whiteboards and other kit to collaborate. Read More

Made In Ashore.

Our customers do amazing work on their Ashore stays. In this inspiring new series we share what they do, & how they do it.

Article image

Made in Ashore.A British Knife company forges ahead on their Ashore stay.

Hugo Worsley speaks to Aled about Allday Goods, and his recent stay at the Vines
Article image

Made in Ashore.Side project genesis, a new newsletter for the UK startup world.

Caitlin Rozario talks us through her Ashore stay in Devon with her partner Will Webster
Article image

Made in Ashore.Memorisely’s New Authentication Flow.

We talk to Memorisely CEO & Figma advisor Zander Whitehurst
Article image

Made in Ashore.Product Design, on the riverside.

A conversation with Vivien Ilett, Product Designer - working on something new from Norfolk.
Article image

Made in Ashore.Electroheads’ marketing processes, and a new campaign.

Electroheads' Managing Director Richard Beech takes us on a first-person run through of his Ashore stay.
Article image

Made in Ashore.Taking Lessons from the Greats.

We talk to Ultimate AI's Will Scott about productivity tips from David Ogilvy and getting away to focus

Ashore in a nutshell.

Homes for creativity and productivity

World-class workspaces

Screens for casting onto

Everything you need to collaborate

Guaranteed fast internet

Each location approved IRL

Peaceful locations, great coffee

The perfect spaces to think

For you, your team, and your company

Search and book instantly

Simple booking assistance with AI

Discuss the perfect place to work

Vaia knows our properties inside & out. Whether you want to bring your pet, stay somewhere with a bath, or find a specific place in the UK, Vaia can help.

Explore inside our homes & workspaces

Vaia has all our photography, & knows which rooms have workspaces, just ask.

Find the best time to go

We gave Vaia the keys to the calendars, you can ask for availability at any of properties in natural language. Try ”Hey, where could I go next week?“

Simple booking right from the chat

You‘ve decided on where, you‘ve chosen when – Vaia can send you straight to our secure Stripe-powered checkout.

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The proof

Finding productivity, energy & inspiration.

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