Post title image: Why you should be excited about Work from Anywhere

Why you should be excited about Work from Anywhere

Work is no longer confined to the office; it's wherever inspiration comes alive - welcome a new era for remote work.

Work From Anywhere

In recent years, the discussions swirling in the corridors of knowledge-based industries have been hinged not just on the 'what' and 'how' of work, but the 'where'. The geography of our professional lives has taken on a thrilling new dimension. Today, more than ever, the physical place where we do our best work can indeed be... anywhere.

Science, as often, is on hand to provide empirical rigour to this shift in thought. Studies suggest that disruption can stimulate human creativity and productivity. Imagine breaking away from the repetitive cycle of standard routines, moving away from the daily commonality into broad, wholesome rural landscapes, furnished with high-speed internet connectivity and purpose-built office facilities, while still enjoying the peace and serenity of unspoilt scenery.

It indeed presents an enticing prospect — a productivity utopia, if you will.

That Ashore feelingThat Ashore feeling

Work & place, a new reality for enlightened knowledge workers

These aren't just daydreams either, but easily achievable scenarios for dedicated knowledge workers. In fact, it's what we're about here at Ashore. We believe in creating an environment steeped in tranquillity and primed for productivity, that inspires great work by simply being, in every sense of the word, great.

In our rapidly changing professional terrain, the notion of 'work' has evolved into a state of being rather than a physical place, giving birth to the concept of 'Work from Anywhere'. And while this perhaps sounds radical, it’s not as implausible as you might think.

How we're thinking about Work From Anywhere at Ashore

Take for example, Ashore's Focus retreat, whisking you away for a Sunday till Thursday work sprint, creating 'space and time for your most important work'; or the Ashore Reset that takes place from a Thursday till Sunday, allowing you to clear your head and prepare for your next challenge. For those really looking to escape, Ashore Discover offers a week-long adventure of renewed vigor and profound insights.

What's striking about this modern and pragmatic approach is its promise of a fully immersive and inspiring work experience. Be it in Devon, Cornwall, Margate, Cotswolds, Brecon Beacons, or The Isle of Skye — the work is as inspiring as the setting, as meaningful as the journey.

This evolution isn’t just beneficial to employees either. Employers who are progressive enough to embrace this new rhythm of work will find it to be a highly effective tool when it comes to staff retention, increasing productivity and enhancing their overall employer value proposition.

For employers, we provide the option to buy credits in bulk for a discount, an investment that pays dividends in productivity, motivation and an overall sense of workforce wellbeing which, as any seasoned leader knows, is invaluable to the overall health of a business.

Embracing new perspectives

Ashore is not just a place where work gets done. It's where inspired thoughts are born, where big plans are realized, and where individuals become contributors on an altogether deeper level.

We're on the verge of a quiet professional revolution, beckoning employees and employers alike to step away from the echo of the familiar and embrace the new melody of the possible. And the sounds of silence, it turns out, have never been quite as productive.

Embrace the shift. Step into tomorrow’s workspace, today. We're here to help you bridge the distance. Work from anywhere, truly anywhere, is no longer a distant dream, but an accessible reality. Welcome to the new normal powered by Ashore.

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