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Post title image: Pegg x Ashore | The Perfect Workspace

Pegg x Ashore | The Perfect Workspace

Ashore and Pegg Furniture are collaborating to create the perfect anywhere-workspace. Founders Aled and Michael explain why they’re excited by the partnership.

Partner Stories

What do Ashore, a London tech startup, and Pegg, a sustainable range of all-wood furniture, have in common?

The Ashore workspace, built around the Pegg Desk.The Ashore workspace, built around the Pegg Desk.

Michael, designer of Pegg, wanted to move house without hassle and yet still feel at home where he landed. He’d done his time in his 20s moving constantly, so when he came to retrain in woodwork in 2016 he was determined his designs would be easy to build, portable and made to last a lifetime.

Aled responded to lockdowns by working remotely, escaping for stays in gorgeous locations, helping him to achieve more at work - until the internet cut out, or he realised that he’d had enough of typing at a kitchen table. He wanted to book stays with guaranteed connection and a workspace that he could do his best work at.

Whether in the forest, or up a mountain, it's really that easy to set up.Whether in the forest, or up a mountain, it's really that easy to set up.

n 2019 Michael graduated from his design degree and created Pegg, a range of all-wood furniture that helps people to be home anywhere.

In 2022 Aled started working on Ashore, a platform for booking remote work stays in the most beautiful parts of the UK.

These stories came together when Aled discovered Pegg Desk and something clicked:

Our members are a discerning lot

– Aled, founder of Ashore

‘This was what Ashore had been looking for. Sustainable, easy to assemble, quick to pack away, and gorgeous. I thought our hosts would love it and they do! There’s an ‘Ah-ha’ moment when I take out a Pegg Desk and start to fit the legs into place.”

For Michael, Aled’s enthusiasm was a boost.

“Hearing how perfectly Pegg Desk met Ashore’s needs was a satisfying, and more proof that the tenacious work I’ve put in to developing the product has paid off. The solid wood legs are stored inside the desk-top, and in 3 minutes you can take them out and peg them into place - creating a solid, elegant desk.”

Article Image

Pegg Desk is being installed as standard into Ashore’s growing selection of amazing homes. The next challenge is to add some accessory Pegg products, along with choice additional items such as monitor and office chair, to make up the Ashore Best-In-Class workspace. And the plan is to involve Ashore’s members in the design process through their feedback.

“Our members are a discerning lot. Many of them are leaders in their field, in the creative and tech sectors. They will be ideally placed to help us refine the workspace and develop a collection of products that can meet most people’s needs.” says Aled.

“I’m looking forward to getting the prototypes for the Pegg Laptop Stand and Monitor Stand onto the desks of Ashore’s members to get their input.” explained Michael. “Then there’s a whole collection of workspace accessories that can help refine its simple, beautiful organisation.”

Article Image

The collaboration will kick off in June when Ashore and Pegg get away to one of Ashore’s homes and do their best work: brainstorming ideas for the workspace, testing prototypes and visiting Pegg’s workshop to see where the joinery magic happens.

You can follow the collaboration and the design story as it unfolds in Ashore and Pegg’s newsletters below.

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