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Post title image: The Founder Residency Programme returns

The Founder Residency Programme returns

Time to think. On us.

Ashore News

Hi there,

I'm Aled, one of the co-founders of Ashore.

A year and a half ago I left my job in government, armed only with a Squarespace site, a six week old child, and Ashore number one (it's the Studio if you're interested).

Since then, we've been proud to help hundreds of our earliest users step away from the everyday and do their most important, needle-moving work.

Building a startup is really hard (I know), and I've found that taking time to find those game-changing moments of inspiration, or think deeply about a fork in the road, can make all the difference.

So recently, we started sending the founders and founding teams of some of the UK's most exciting startups away via the Ashore founder residency programme.

Selected founders get their very own individual Ashore stay to work on whatever they want. Either alone, or with their cofounders. In whichever one of our 30 locations they choose. And it's entirely on us.

Anyone can apply: last time we had hundreds of applications from startups based in nine different countries.

Article Image

The founders we chose included companies backed by the world's best-known VC firms, bootstrappers who've built amazing businesses, and creators of some of the most exciting consumer brands in the UK today.

Due to the level of interest, we're now reopening applications slightly sooner than expected, for our next ten founder residencies.

Article Image

If successful, just choose your dates (we offer up to four nights via the programme) and your preferred location, and we’ll send you (or you and your cofounders) away to your very own Ashore for a few days to work on whatever will make the most impact on your business.

Whether it’s taking some time to plan for the rest of 2024, ship something super important, or solve a problem that’s been keeping you up at night: we’re here to help.

The ten stays we offer under the programme are covered entirely by us and there’s no obligation whatsoever to share anything about your time Ashore.

The deadline for this round of residencies has now passed - thank you so much to everyone who applied.

It's been genuinely incredible to see the breadth - and quality - of what founders in the UK are building.

We'll be reviewing all the applications received over the coming weeks, and opening up our fourth round later in the year.

If you want an early heads up, you can sign up to the Ashore weekly email by leaving your email at the bottom of our home-page.

In the meantime, take a look at our startup programme - which offers exclusive pricing and one-to-one support for startups that want to incorporate Ashore stays into the way they work.

Thanks again - for whatever you're building,


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