Post title image: The Ashore Gift Guide 2023: Part II - Technology & productivity, on the road

The Ashore Gift Guide 2023: Part II - Technology & productivity, on the road

Last-minute gift ideas to help stay connected while travelling.

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This is the second part of our Christmas gift guide for 2023, focused on gifts for helping you stay connected while working remotely and travelling.

We've split it into three sections: tools for helping with writing and inspiration, technology for staying connected while travelling, and experiences.

Tried and tested by The Ashore CrewTried and tested by The Ashore Crew

For writers & thinkers

Remarkable 2: "The only tablet that feels like paper" - the Remarkable converts your handwritten notes into typed text, and allows you to take notes on PDFs. It also integrates into Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and imports your handwritten notes into digital formats too. You'll get 2 weeks of battery life off of one charge, so a great option if you want to go off grid but not have to type up your notes later on. A premium option, but the closest you can get to an offline writing experience on a tablet. Our COO Steph swears by this!

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook: A cheaper option if you want to try out digital notebooks without investing in a premium product, this 7-page note book allows you to easily digitise your notes.

IA Writer in Paper: One for the wishlist (or if you're feeling lucky, enter their raffle). This notepad takes the zen iA online writing experience into the physical realm; the team have worked on a special printing process which fades the guidelines into the background once you have put pen to paper. Simply gorgeous.

Pip Decks: whether you're a marketer, designer, strategist or entrepreneur, you'll find inspiration somewhere in the Pip Deck library; we have a couple of sets of these at our physical space in Hanbury Hall to help with deep work sessions.

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Technology for staying connected on the road

Anker 737 batteries: The gold standard brand for external batteries; the 737 can charge a phone four times, and is hefty enough to fully power most laptops too, but still compact enough to take with you on the road. Ideal for your next remote road trip.

Juice 3: Looking for a great battery for smaller devices without the big price point and the electronic waste? The Juice is made in the UK from 100% post-consumer plastic waste. It also weighs a lot less, so easily packable compared to the 737.

Flintronic Travel Mugs :An electronic flask at an affordable price point; promises to keep drinks cold for 4 hours, and keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours. Comes with a digital display on the top to tell you what temperature your drink is stored at. Ideal for staying hydrated on a deep thought ramble in the countryside.

Logitech K380: our favourite affordable travel keyboard; connect to your iPad, laptop & phone at the same time, and works with any operating system. Comes with a super-long battery life, and a 2-year warranty.

Microsoft Surface Arc Bluetooth Mouse: ultra-slim and beautiful, this snaps flat for easy packing away when travelling.

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Discover, explore and enjoy

National Trust gift membership: we're always recommending the best National Trust properties to get to know the area you're visiting when you stay at an Ashore. A membership gives you free access (and parking) to 500 locations across the UK, as well as guides for each visit.

Ashore gift cards: Buying an Ashore gift card contributes to the cost of any of our stays across England, Scotland and Wales; it is a great way to encourage your friends and loved ones to explore the UK and get inspired for their next big project.

Dishpatch gift cards: Treat your loved ones to a Dishpatch gift card so they can enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of their own home. Dishpatch have an ever-expanding list of brilliant chefs producing menus; their festive menus include feasts from Michel Roux Jr, Paul Ainsworth and Richard Corrigan. They still have delivery dates for Christmas and New Year's Eve if you move quickly!

Substack gift subscriptions: With thousands of writers publishing on Substack, there's something for everyone, from communities around learning a new language, to cultural commentary, to history and politics. Check out the leaderboards in each category to search for inspiration.

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